«SHA-LE FOODS» Co.Inc – fast-emerging company that inspite of youth age has taken firm position among raw materials Suppliers in confectionery industry.

We are an official partners of German company Moll Marzipan GmbH at Russian market. Moll Marzipan-is 150 year old Marzipan factory. It’s a company that steeped in tradition. It has committed itself to strict quality orientation and the time-tested slogan "Quality from Berlin".

Our office is located in Saint Petersburg, one of the world's leading industrial and cultural centers. It’s also called the sea capital of Russia. Saint Petersburg is the biggest and major port of Russia and for many types of goods the main flow goes through this port (for example: 80% of the Russian imports of fruits and vegetables goes through the Petersburg port).

Such a convenient location let us reduce logistics costs by organizing the direct transfer not only with Russian cities but with other countries also. Assuredly this factor is one of the main advantages of «SHA-LE FOODS».

We provide regular supplies directly from California, Spain, Turkey, Europe and Latin America. Therefore, the prices of our products are competitive and reasonable.

Very special attention we bring about the quality of imported goods. The colleagues in our team have many years' experience of working with nuts, dried fruits and ingredients.

In accordance to the close cooperation with manufacturers in other countries, we are able to provide a wide choice of different types of nuts such as raw, roasted, blanched, chopped, in the form of sticks and slices, meal and paste.

Our company would like to offer you both traditional materials: different types of nuts, dried fruit, pasta, marzipan, and new ingredients: nussipan, kokospan, volnatpan, caramelized walnuts, high-quality raisins for use in chocolate products.

Customers choose "SHA-LE FOODS" for high quality of the products, exactly fulfillment of obligations under the contracts, professionalism and regular improvement.

We’d be pleased to start a cooperation with your company and become your reliable partner!