миндальAlmond is a symbol of divine favour. In American culture almond till nowadays present in wedding ceremonies, symbolizing happiness, love, health and welfare. In Sweden people put almonds in a Christmas cake, and the one who get a piece of cake with almond will have good welfare in the upcoming year. The Romans consider almond as a symbol of fertility.

Almond seeds contain from 35 to 67% of non-drying fatty oil. Almonds are one of the best plant sources of protein. It contains almost the same percent of protein as lean meat - up to 30%. Almond provide high-quality, well-absorbable protein. Thereby this product is an alternative source of animal protein.

Almond is a powerful cleaner of the human body, improves metabolism and purifies the blood. It stimulates the cerebration. It is considered that almonds stimulates creativity and generation of original ideas. Almond kernels could be: caramelized, used for preparation of various desserts (eg, marzipan), melted to the meal consistence (it is mixed with wheat meal for baking of delicious cakes, cookies and biscuits), pressed in order to make oil (which is most often used in perfume and cosmetics industry), used for jam.